Chairman Message

As Chairman of SAFA Environment, I am pleased to welcome you and encourage you to learn more about us. We are a fast growing and dynamic environmental company based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are committed to becoming leaders in our field, and providing high quality solutions for the demanding task of environmental issues affecting our great nation. We are fully aligned with the 2030 Vision and stand firmly in the belief that we have the potential to transform the communities we serve with our dedication and perseverance.

We are extremely proud of our highly talented and qualified team who are diligent in their research and work. We are also delighted to be working in cooperation with distinguished international companies who bring experience and expertise from around the world. Our promise is to provide long term environmental solutions in the most efficient way possible.

On behalf of SAFA Environment, I would like to extend a warm welcome and hope you find our site informative. Thank you for visiting!

Professor Khaled Alkattan

SAFA Chairman